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Success Story - Cerus PERFORMANCE

Cerus Performance is a young company, launched in late 2020. We started with one signature product, Flow, that put us on the map and have since grown to four performance-health products. Our customers engage in intense exercise, from MMA to endurance to CrossFit and more. It is our goal to bridge the gap between performance and health using all-natural proven by science.

What influenced your decision to seek third-party banned substance testing and why did you choose Informed Sport?

Peace of mind - our customers not only care about what they put in their bodies, but many compete on an elite level.

Share your experience with the certification process. Did you feel well informed of the necessary steps? Did you learn anything about banned substance testing from the process?

Andy Holmes has been responsive and led us through the process.

Did you face any changes and challenges to meet the requirements of Informed Sport? Was our team able to assist you in overcoming these?

One of our factories hadn't worked with Informed Sport before so onboarding them took some time, but no challenges otherwise.

What are the main benefits your brand is looking to achieve for your products (sports team sponsorship, increased sales, global expansion, customer trust, etc.) Do you feel your certification will help in reaching these goals?

Team and athlete sponsorship, increased sales and customer trust.

Cerus Quote
Have you seen any significant commercial benefits since your products have completed certification (sales increase, sponsorship opportunities, brand awareness etc)? Please cite new markets, new customers, financial benefits etc.

We've been able to sponsor a professional MMA gym, Kill Cliff Fight Club and there have been no worries from the athletes about drug testing.

Do you have any top tips for brands who are considering certifying their products with the Informed Sport programme?

Start the process early if your factory hasn't worked with Informed Sport before.

How is your brand communicating your product(s) certification to your customers, the company, and any stakeholders?

Your sticker program, email marketing, social media marketing, your logo on product inserts, website

Cerus Performance Brand History 

We are obsessed with natural products, a fixation that began when I became aware of the issues many people were having due to the mass-marketed, chemical and caffeine-laden pre-workouts they were taking.

As a former collegiate football player, CrossFit Games veteran and Olympic lifting athlete, I have always been hyper-aware of what I put in my body and how it affects my performance and recovery. Now, I am consumed with creating ultra-clean, effective supplements that will disrupt the market.

Before creating our first product, we spent six months hearing out family, friends and athletes we’ve met over the years about their struggles and then we tested formulas to make sure we could deliver blends that allowed them to perform at their highest potential, push past barriers, sleep deeper, focus more clearly and enjoy better health.

By utilizing the multitude of proven nootropics, adaptogens, mushrooms, herbs and barks that have been used for generations, we are bridging the gap between performance and health.


Jeff Evans