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The INFORMED certifications are comprised of global testing, quality assurance and certification programmes designed to make supplements safer for use. Backed by LGC Science’s over 55 years of world-class anti-doping experience, our family of certification programmes were developed in support of LGC’s mission of “Science for a Safer World”.


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The INFORMED certifications provide quality assurance and ISO 17025 accredited banned substance testing for dietary supplements, ingredients and manufacturing facilities. Backed by the more than 55-years of world-class anti-doping experience of LGC, our laboratories test over 22,000 samples per year and are trusted worldwide. 


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Every batch pre-release banned substance
supplement testing programme for finished products.

Informed Sport is a global independent supplement testing and certification programme designed to test and provide certified supplements for elite athletes and drug-tested personnel. It is the only global certification programme that tests every single batch of a product before it’s released to market. When an athlete sees the Informed Sport quality mark, they can know it has been tested to the highest of standards. With Informed Sport, you can be confident your reputation is in safe hands.

Informed Sport. Why Risk it?
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Monthly retail monitoring banned substance testing
programme for finished dietary supplement products.

Through our monthly retail monitoring and independent dietary supplements testing programme, alongside our third-party oversight of manufacturing facilities and processes, we help reduce the risk of banned substances and impurities entering nutrition products. This not only ensures these products have been manufactured to recognised international standards, it also limits the likelihood of consumers ingesting banned and unsafe substances. 

Informed Choice. Cleaner products, Clearer Conscience.
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Providing assurance that the protein label claim matches the product's contents.

More people are using protein supplements to enhance athletic performance, improve their physical fitness, and their overall health and wellness, than ever before. Providing assurance that the protein label claim matches the contents in the product helps ensure products meet these quality standards consumers demand.

Informed Protein. Analyzed, verified, certified.

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Banned substance testing programme for ingredients and raw
materials intended for sports nutrition products.

Informed Ingredient was developed to minimise the risk of banned substance contamination with ingredients and raw materials intended for the sports nutrition and dietary supplement industry. Informed Ingredient allows ingredient manufacturers to communicate to their customers, the finished product brands, that their ingredient has been regularly tested for the presence of a wide range of substances prohibited in sport and is safer to include in their product.

Quality products begin with an Informed Ingredient.

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Banned substance testing and quality assurance certification for facilities that manufacture and supply sports and dietary supplement products and ingredients. 

The Informed Manufacturer programme was developed to help minimise the risk of banned substance contamination within facilities that manufacture and supply sports and dietary supplement products and ingredients. Certification allows third-party manufacturers to clearly communicate to their customers, the supplements brands, that their facility meets high quality control standards and has been assessed to minimise the risk of contamination with banned substances.

Take the next step in quality assurance with Informed Manufacturer.

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Quality assurance program developed to verify the amount of protein and screen for adulterants within supplement products

Using a combination of both test procedures and manufacturer assessment, Informed Protein provides athletes and consumers alike with the assurance that product label claims have been verified independently - providing them confidence that the amount of protein within a product matches what's listed on the label.

Analysed, verified, certified. - Informed Protein.