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Military Times Publishes Opinion Article Promoting Importance of Supplement Knowledge

Ahead of the Department of Defense's Annual Food and Nutrition Subcommittee (FNSC) & Dietary Supplements and Other Self-Care Products Subcommittee (DSSC) Meeting June 4-6 in Bethesda, MD, the Military Times has recently published an opinion article reminding consumers about the importance of knowing what goes into the products you are consuming.

The article cites a 2019 survey that stated 74% of military service members use at least one dietary supplement a week, so ensuring the products you're putting into your body are safer to be consumed and tested for any banned or potentially harmful products is greatly important.

The article goes on to talk about the five best ways to ensure the products you're consuming are safer for you, with one of them being the importance of third-party testing. Informed Sport, Informed Choice, as well as other well-established third-party testing programs were mentioned to be the "seals of approval" while shopping for supplements, and to keep an eye out for their logos when purchasing products.

To read the full article and learn other suggested ways to avoid potentially harmful substances, check out

For more information on the Informed Sport testing process that's followed to ensure products are safer for use, go to

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