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Success Story - VOW Nutrition

About VOW Nutrition

VOW Nutrition stands at the forefront of wellness and peak performance, deeply rooted in our commitment to promoting optimal health. As the official nutrition partner for Team GB, we pride ourselves on crafting supplements sourced from the finest ingredients, underpinned by rigorous research and development. Our esteemed reputation has not only earned us a partnership with elite athletes but also listings with leading retailers such as Boots and Holland & Barrett. Choose VOW Nutrition, and join countless others who've made the pledge to prioritize their health and well-being.

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge health and wellness products, dedicated to leveraging the latest scientific research to develop high-quality supplements and nutrition products. Our products are carefully formulated with premium ingredients, and designed to meet the specific needs of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and health-conscious individuals.

The Path To Informed Sport Certification

We are a brand aimed at elite athletes who are subject to strict doping tests. This includes professional athletes and sports teams who use supplements to promote recovery and better performance. VOW has been working with Informed Sport for several years. In that time, we have always felt well-informed about the programme and the necessary steps to become certified. The Informed Sport team always made sure that we understood the process, timelines, and requirements.

The Informed Sport team has been wonderful to work with. Carla is our Business Development representative and has been the most informative and helpful during our certification process. With any question or concern, Carla was quick to respond with an answer or point us in the right direction to find a solution. Also, the programme management team has been very thorough in ensuring our certification went smoothly. They made sure our manufacturer was up to par with programme standards as well as coordinated our samples to be tested.

Our main goal is to be a trustworthy brand. We want to showcase our commitment to quality assurance to athletes and other consumers who use our products. Transparency is definitely key in today's everchanging supplement market.

The Doors Informed Sport Certification Opened For Us

Once certified, conversations with sports teams were easier to develop. The presence of the Informed Sport logo demonstrated quality and, once again, trust that our products are safer for athletes to consume. While we are dedicated to producing the best product possible, we are also focused on maintaining the highest level of quality assurance.

We have seen some wonderful benefits including our major partnership with Team GB. By demonstrating our high level of quality assurance with Informed Sport, we are now partnering with Team GB for the upcoming Olympics.

Our main tip is for brands to understand what certification means and why it's important to their customers. It's not just about a logo on your packaging, but more of a commitment to your customers that they can trust your product.

Make sure to market your certification as much as possible. We have marketed certification through social media, athletes, press releases, and events as much as possible to really drive home our quality assurance. A great tip is to make a dedicated website page detailing what Informed Sport is and why your brand is invested.

We have recently made a video where we visited the lab in Fordham where our supplements are tested. Carla and the science team walked us through the entire process and further explained the rigorous testing that goes on with Informed Sport.